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Notes from this week

  • Calling quit in app.open after using some Cocoa classes gives Cocoa exception message "NSApp with wrong _running count".
  • QuickTime video playback with QTKitMovieViewMBS seems to use same Color Matching as QuickTime player, so if your videos play too dark in MoviePlayer, you may want to switch.
  • Please order plugin licenses a few days before you plan to ship and not at the day of shipment. If the order gets delayed, this may be a problem.
  • We'll add a CGColorSpaceMBS parameter to CGImageMBS.Picture method. For getting a picture from a CGImageMBS, we need to specify a color space and different color spaces give different pixel values in the returned picture. Default is still generic RGB color space.
The biggest plugin in space...
18 09 11 - 15:27