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Real Studio Database Days: Sight Seeing

Some people come from far away to our Real Studio Database Days, so we thought about doing some sight seeing with them. If you like, you can join. Exact details will be arranged a few days before the event starts. If you come earlier or leave later, please inform us so we know you are there.

What can we visit?

Just 50 miles outside Frankfurt, you can drive to Limburg at the river Lahn. The historic city center is just beautiful with the old half-timber houses, the cathedral and the castle. It's a small city with only 33000 people and that may be the reason it was not destroyed in the wars. Drive there by taking A3 to north from Frankfurt or the ICE train from the airport.

The city of Koblenz is also a good stop for sight seeing. Castle Ehrenbreitstein is certainly worth a visit. From the castle you have a nice view over Koblenz. The city center has also a few nice places to visit like the castle or the Deutsches Eck place where the rivers Rhine and Moselle flow together.

Another stop could be the Marksburg, one of the famous castles along the river Rhine. Built in the 12th century it's an impressive midage castle and you have a nice view from top over the Rhine valley.

If you have more time, drive to cologne and see one of the biggest gothic cathedrals and the longest church in Germany.
Also worth a visit is Trier, Germany's oldest city with several roman buildings. See the old cathedral, city

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