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Notes and Tips

  • CGCreateImageMBS: In older code we often used CGCreateImageMBS(p, p.mask), but with current plugins, it's better to simply
  • Problem: Safari reloads tabs when you click on it due Webkit2 Webprocess crashing. Solution: Turn of Java (not javascript) in security panel of preferences.
  • Added code to the FAQ for walking folder and proportional picture scaling. Will go online with next update tomorrow.
  • SOAP Kit works with Cumulus Webservice even with their strange namespace rules which made me a lot of work.
  • The application DLLs for plugins can be in different locations: "MyApp Libs\some.dll", "Libs\some.dll", "some.dll". Using app folder or Libs folder can be useful to have several apps share the DLLs.
06 09 11 - 17:07