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Real Studio Developer Magazine 9.6 published

The September/October 2011 (9.6) issue of Real Studio Developer is now available!
  • Using JSON * by Mattias Sandstrom
    Real Studio now has built-in JSON support. Hooray! But wait a second -- what the heck is it and what can you do with it?
  • Using Simple to Make the Complex * by Johnathan Mercer
    Cellular Automata is an example of how simple rules can produce complex results. Johnathan demonstrates this so you can explore the world of CA in Real Studio.
  • Tracer Bullet Development * by Tam Hanna
    There are lots of buzzword-filled development strategies, but Tracer Bullet is not only one of the most colorfully named, it's also one of the most effective. Learn how you can adopt this method of development to create
    better software.
  • From Real Studio to iOS * by JC Cruz
    Have you been curious about iOS development but were afraid to take the leap? Perhaps you'd simply like to know a little more to overcome your fear? In this in-depth article, Jose explains iOS development from the RS developer's perspective.
In our regular columns we've got articles on printing address labels, what's new in RS2011r3, the Storm database-development aid, and help figuring out what's holding you back development-wise, and much more. Enjoy!
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