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Lion arrived

We'll upload new plugins later, but here is already a list of features we worked on in our plugins:
  • Push notifications, see NSApplicationMBS and NSApplicationDelegateMBS.
  • In-app purchases, see SK* classes.
  • iCloud key value store, see NSUbiquitousKeyValueStoreMBS class.
  • New ABPersonViewMBS class.
  • Fullscreen window commands on window and NSWindowMBS classes.
  • Core Location Region functions. See CLRegionMBS class.
  • New QTKit classes like QTExportOptionsMBS, QTExportSessionMBS, QTMetadataItemMBS.
  • New PDFKit methods.
  • Versions and iCloud documents functions are not yet ready.
The biggest plugin in space...
20 07 11 - 12:18