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Addressbook classes updated

With 11.2 we rewrote so far a couple of plugin parts. InstantMessageMBS, ABAddressbookMBS, IORegistryMBS and related classes got a few bigger changes. For example see this code snippets:

dim a as new ABAddressbookMBS

// old code

dim ga as ABGroupArrayMBS = a.groups

dim i as integer = ga.Count-1
for i as integer = 0 to c
  AddGroup ga.Item(i)

// new code

dim ga() as ABGroupMBS = a.groups
for each g as ABGroupMBS in ga
  AddGroup g

Old code used ABGroupArrayMBS class for an array. You needed to call count and item() functions. Now we changed that to use Real Studio arrays. So you can use For Each...Next loops and all the array functions in Real Studio like pop and ubound. The biggest plugin in space...
29 06 11 - 13:19