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Happy Birthday

It's 1st April 2011 and the birthdays are no April Fools' joke:

Apple turn 35 years today. Congratulations to all Apple employers, especially to employer no. 0: Steve Jobs, employer no. 1: Steve Wozniak and all the other 50,000 employees.

Arktis, one of my favorite online (and offline) shop for Apple Gadgets turns 25 today.

Also Volker Ritzhaupt has birthday on the same day. He's the founder and CEO of Application Systems Heidelberg, the Real Studio distributor for German speaking countries.

Our own company known as Monkeybread Software, but legally Christian Schmitz Software GmbH turns eleven today. More than eleven years of Real Studio Consulting turned into the biggest Real Studio Plugin Library, hundreds of applications and thousands of happy customers :-)
01 04 11 - 12:00