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A day for bug fixing

Yesterday I had a full day with only bug fixing. Some notes:
  • gcc optimizes away nil checks of functions in some cases. Bad if you weak link this function.
  • In PictureMBS is forgot to handle alpha channel in RowInFormat for RGBA to RGBA. More than 30 different code branches and in this one, I forgot it.
  • For CGBitmapContext Mac OS X 10.3 and newer can allocate memory for you. But you have to allocate it yourself if you later want to access it. Sadly this is not documented.
  • Our CombinePictureWithMask function (used in PNG, Tiff and GraphicsMagick) got an optimization some months ago. Turns out to crash sometimes.
  • PictureMBS.Invert did not work for all color configurations. Fixed now.
  • And searched a bug in IconFamilyMBS.GetIconImage, but that was just a documentation bug.
  • Strange, you can link to a framework function without linking to the framework. The function will be nil and calling it crashes. Linking also the framework and it works.
31 03 11 - 14:06