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New Phidgets supported

Do you know phidgets? That are little USB devices to measure or control something. They recently updated their libraries to control those devices so we updated our plugins now. We added a few new classes: PhidgetNMEADataMBS, PhidgetGPVTGMBS, PhidgetGPSTimeMBS, PhidgetGPSSatInfoMBS, PhidgetGPSMBS, PhidgetGPSDateMBS, PhidgetGPRMCMBS, PhidgetGPGSVMBS, PhidgetGPGSAMBS, PhidgetGPGGAMBS, PhidgetFrequencyCounterMBS, PhidgetBridgeMBS and PhidgetAnalogMBS.

As you see, they have now GPS devices, analog outputs and frequency counters. This is very useful for custom software development and the case your client needs some very special software.

The updated plugin will be available with 11.1pr8 (or earlier if you email me). The biggest plugin in space...
26 03 11 - 17:32