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Back in Germany

I arrived today back in Germany. The conference was great. Thanks to Bob Keeney for organizing it and everyone else for helping there. I personally had two sessions and people where very happy with them. At least I got a lot of positive feedback. The location was good for the reason that you get very easily there. Just take the hotel shuttle from the Airport and you are there. With shuttle and subway you could easily get into downtown without renting a car.

I enjoyed the time and met a lot of familiar faces from REAL World in Texas as well as the last summit in Boulder. Also I was surprised to see 6 european and 4 australian developers there. So see you again on the next conference!

PS: "Please reward the driver for their awesomeness." (seen on a pizza taxi car)

see also: Bob's blog post and Paul's blog post.
23 03 11 - 16:18