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About the Omega Bundle

I got a few questions about the bundle. First it's a very special offer. With $399 for over $3200, the reduction in price is huge. You have over 80%, exactly 87.5%. This is a great chance for everyone to get into using plugins with REAL Studio and ordering this bundle. Even if you have one or two of those items included, this is a great deal for you.

So it's not possible to modify the bundle for you in case you have an item and swap something else inside. But if your Complete license ends later this year, ordering this bundle will give you an extra license valid until end of 2011. And as far as I know the RB Developer part of the bundle gives you 6 additional issues for your subscription.

The offer will be valid for the next two weeks, but before it is stopped, we'll certainly announce the end a day or two in advance.

For more information and immediate purchase visit omegabundle.com. The biggest plugin in space...
08 01 11 - 12:48