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Testimonial from Tim Jones

today, I got a new testimonial, this time from Tim Jones:

I've worked in the realm of software development since 1982. I've used tools from CICS to COBOL to FORTAN, 4 families of C, multiple FORTH implementations, Rexx, TCL, Python, and numerous BASIC variants on computer systems ranging from old NCR systems, Wang VS and OIS systems, IBM System 36 and 38, and various DEC VAXen before moving to more modern Unix and PC based evironments. When I took on the Macintosh platform in 2001, the options were limited. While Apple provided Xcode and a version of GCC, their libraries were different enough from my normal Unix platforms that simple ports became quite an effort.

In 2003, I discovered REALbasic and very quickly became a fan for its ease of use as a RAD tool. I was able to very quickly create GUI wrappers for our ported Unix tools that enabled non-sysadmin users to access to power of the Unix command line on OS X. As I became more familiar with both REALbasic and OS X, I started to realize that a lot of the power in the OS X platform was not easily available from a default REALbasic installation. Finally, in 2005, I found and started using the Monkey Bread Software plugins - a very funny name for a very important addition to my programming toolbox.

I've been an MBS user continuously since then and all of our products on the three supported platforms - Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows - would not have been possible without a lot more effort on my engineering team's part if not for Christian's powerful and versatile Monkey Bread Software Plugins.

Tim Jones
President and CTO,
TOLIS Group, Inc.

The biggest plugin in space...
07 01 11 - 14:50