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REAL Studio Developer Magazine 9.2 published

The January/February 2011 (9.2) issue of REAL Studio Developer is now available!

Here's a quick preview of what's inside this issue:
  • Submitting to the Mac App Store * by Thomas Tempelmann
    Curious how to get your app on Apple's new Mac OS App Store? Your step-by-step instructions are here!
  • Survival of the Fittest * by Johnathan Mercer
    How to use genetic programming in REAL Studio to find the best solution to your problem!
  • Deploying REAL Studio Web Apps * by Paul Lefebvre
    REAL Studio Web Edition is here, but how do you make your Web Apps available to the world?
  • Hashing for Security * by JC Cruz
    If you don't know your hashes from hash browns, this in-depth article will bring you up to speed.
  • The Fine Art of Beta Testing * by Tam Hanna
    Why you should user-test your software and some tips on how to do it.
In our regular columns we've got articles on updating Self-Updater, the importance of face time with clients, and SQL's "Prepared Statements" feature, and much more. Enjoy! The biggest plugin in space...
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