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News on DynaPDF 3.0

DynaPDF 3.0 brings three new major features:

* A completely new, fully PDF 1.7 compatible PDF parser
* A new memory management to reduce the memory usage
* Functions to raster PDF pages and entire PDF files

The new PDF parser depends no longer on the PDF version that will be imported. Therefore, new features which are not yet defined in the PDF Reference will be supported, also if DynaPDF has no native support for them. In addition, only required parts of the file are read into memory. The access time to arbitrary pages of a document does no longer depend on the file size and the memory usage will be reduced to a minimum. The new parser is also able to repair damaged PDF files and the error handling is generally less restrictive.

When creating new PDF files it is now also possible to write the pages in memory into the output file while the document is kept open. This enables the creation of very large PDF files with minimal memory requirements.

DynaPDF 3.0 contains now finally functions to raster PDF files. Many users of DynaPDF are waiting on this feature since a long time. The bad news is that this feature is not fully finished yet. For the integration of the new PDF parser some very considerable changes were required in the class structure of DynaPDF and these changes require unfortunately a lot of time consuming tests. The base is finish but there is still some remaining work to do.

The planned publication date in December this year may therefore unable to met. The beta phase of the base library, that is anything that was already available in DynaPDF 2.5 plus a few additional features, can probably start in the first or second January week 2011. The functions to raster PDF files will be delivered, depending on how many bugs will be found, about two till four weeks later. The release date is planned for the end of February 2011.

DynaPDF 3.0 will be fully backward compatible to DynaPDF 2.5. Applications which use DynaPDF 2.5 can be easily upgraded by replacing the dynapdf library.
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