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REAL Studio 2010r5 is available

A new version of REAL Studio is available. And there is a specialty: The Web Edition.
There is a lot of progress on Cocoa and a few very old bugs have been fixed. The good thing is that finally the Web Edition is available to all the developers out there. Take a look and please remember that this is a version 1.0. It has errors, bugs and some things don't work. Some of them are already fixed for the next release and will soon be available with the next alpha and beta versions.
So if you have a few days over after Christmas, take the time to check it out.

For us the new release means we have to check a lot of things and fix a few plugin bugs here. So we may need to move the 10.6 release into 2011. But please enjoy our prerelease versions.
15 12 10 - 00:20