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Host a REAL Studio Web Application

If you look for a hosting solution like me, you can check out the jiffybox. This is from the provider which hosts my websites, so I'm quite happy that they offer an on demand virtual server.
Jiffybox costs you in the cheapest variant 0.02 Eurocents per hour. That's less than 15 Euro per month for a virtual server with 1 GB RAM, 50 GB hard disc, 2 CPU cores and root access. You can test it for 24 hours for free. And if you sign up this year, they give you a 50 Euro bonus which makes it free for more than three months.
Okay, once you got the server with e.g. a 32 bit Ubuntu, you need to install the libgtk2.0-dev package to get REAL Studio applications running. Use commands like this: "app-get update", "app-get upgrade" and "app-get install libgtk2.0-dev". Now you can upload your app with scp and run it with "nohup pathtoapp &" in the background.
I'm happy that I have now a way to host. This won't use fast cgi as I think the stand alone solution is better for this showcase.

PS: It may be a good idea to make the swap partition 10 GB big just in case your apps need more than 1.5 GB of memory.
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