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REAL Studio Web Edition

The REAL Studio Web Edition will be released soon. That is a great news for us as we are now able to create web apps easier than ever before. Yes, I know some HTML and some PHP/Perl for writing little scripts here and there. But in general I'm a developer for REAL Studio and a few C variants. Now I can turn my REAL Studio knowledge into web apps and that's the key point. My existing code for databases, PDFs and image processing can be reused. The GUI changes and needs to be rewritten, but all the other stuff will hopefully simply work.

Of course this is a version 1.0. You'll certainly miss a few things and you'll certainly find a few bugs. But the time between the years may give you and me a day or two for trying a few things. Get started and try a few ideas. If you find a bug or you have a feature request, please report it. In three months we'll probably see the next version where tons of bugs fixed and we may be able to use this for production.

To give you a few ideas on what we can do, I made this list:
  • First all kind of database clients. Simple things like a form to fill by an user like an event registration. Or more complex things like a full order database for a company.
  • Second all those PDF related tools. Like you upload a few pictures, enter some text and download a nice PDF for printing.
  • Third you could do custom things with hardware. Take a phidget devices and build your own weather station. Your web app on your home server queries temperature and other values and with the web app you can query them from everywhere.
  • Or why not a web app for people to choose music on a party? Your web app has access to your iTunes music, people could search and add their favorites to a playlist where the DJ can play them?
Thousands of ideas can be realized. And when you see Geoff's video on youtube on how it is to create a chat application with 15 lines of code, you'll be amazed what you can do with a few more lines...

For the PDF thing above, please check our DynaPDF example web apps. For the Phidget devices, please check the Phidgets.com website as well as our classes in the USB plugin.
09 12 10 - 14:36