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REAL Studio Conference 2011

Our REAL Studio conference will take place from 20th to 22nd May in Essen, Germany.
We plan currently with a get together evening event on Friday and sessions on both Saturday and Sunday. So mark this weekend in your calendars and watch for the schedule.

If you need more information or you like to make a presentation, please contact us.

Current event list:

2nd to 4th December 2010, REAL Studio Training in Zürich, Swiss
11th to 12th December 2010, REAL WORLD JAPAN 2010 in Tokyo, Japan
13th to 15th January 2011, REAL Studio Training in Leverkusen, Germany
19th to 20th March 2011, REAL Studio Summit 2011 in Atlanta, USA
20th to 22nd May 2011, REAL Studio Conference 2011 in Essen, Germany
22 11 10 - 17:19