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Have you checked out PDFViewMBS class?

Our PDFViewMBS class can do a lot for your application. More than you may expect.

First it is based on PDFKit framework from Apple and they use it for displaying PDF files in Safari or Preview applications. As it is a Cocoa control, you need Mac OS X 10.5 in order to use it in REAL Studio. To read all the documentation for our PDFKit based classes, you should know that we split this into two plugin parts: PDFKit and PDFKitView. That's to optimize application size as not all applications need both. The PDFKit plugin part defines the base classes like a PDFDocument or a PDFPage while the PDFKitView plugin part defines the classes to view a PDF. Both plugin parts are included in the MBS REALbasic Cocoa plugin.

So you can do this (and more):
  • Open and save PDF Documents.
  • Create new PDF pages
  • Render pictures from a PDF page.
  • Display a PDF in a PDF View.
  • Create custom PDF views to draw custom overlays on the PDF pages and handle mouse clicks there.
  • Create, edit and delete PDF annotations.
Especially the custom PDF views are a very powerful tool. You can draw over the PDF your own controls. And you can handle mouse clicks as well as gesture events. The PDFViewMBS class has methods to convert the mouse coordinates to the coordinates on the page, so you can easily build an editor for annotations or other PDF editing functions. Our example pdfviewexample.zip produces the nice picture on the top right of this article by drawing a MBS logo on top of the PDF live.

What would you like to develop with this control? The biggest plugin in space...
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