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MonkeyBread Software Releases the MBS REALbasic Updater Kit in version 1.4

Nickenich, Germany (November 2nd, 2010) -- Monkeybread Software releases version 1.4 of the MBS REALbasic Updater Kit

The MBS REALbasic Updater Kit helps you in adding an automatic update feature to your application.
Version 1.4 adds a Build Step for even easier implementation in REAL Studio and few other improvements.
  • Crossplatform update engine for Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Full Source code access.
  • Using Sparkle on Mac OS X for updating and our own code for Windows.
  • Includes all code and help to setup Sparkle for Windows.
  • Includes script file for Inno Setup engine. (you can use others if you like)
  • Using digital signatures on Mac and MD5 Checksum on Windows to ensure download integrity.
  • Includes generator for XML file for your server and code to parse this file and find newer versions.
New in Version 1.4:
  • Updated Windows dialogs to look more like Sparkle.
  • Added more localization.
  • Added TestWindowsOnMac property so you can test Windows Update on Mac.
  • Added ApplicationName parameter for the Init method so you can pass a localized application name. If you pass no name, we take it from the application file name.
  • Added support for redirects on the appcast.xml and the installer download. Up to 5 redirects are followed before an error is displayed.
  • Added new Build Step tool and example.
  • Changed placement of updater window to be centered on main screen.
  • Improved application size by using more conditional compiling.
Our Updater Kit requires REALbasic 2008 or newer and a license of the MBS REALbasic Complete License.

The Updater Kit is available for $99 USD or 79 Euro (+VAT if needed).

You can learn more and try the sample application on our website:
http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/realbasic/UpdaterKit/ Claris FileMaker Plugin
02 11 10 - 12:34