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Please prioritize your bug reports

Currently there is a discussion going on about bug fixes for REAL Studio. But in contrast to the messages from people, you can see in Feedback that most of the top entries there are feature requests. If bug fixes would be important to people, the top 20 should all be bug fix requests.
In Feedback you can check favorite list. Mine has over 100 entries. But only the top five in my priority list count for the ranking. And in that top 5, the first entry gets more points than the fifth entry. So I have to put my number one bug fix request on the top.
Looking again on the top 20, there must be something like hundreds of people who have the iPhone support request on their top 5. But why? I think Geoff told that they plan to support iPhone as soon as possible, so supporting that request is a waste of your ranking points.
And remember, anything that you don't put in the top 5, is not important for you. The biggest plugin in space...
28 10 10 - 08:15