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REAL Studio 2010r4

This week REAL Software announced REAL Studio 2010r4. This update has a few nice features like the new segment control or the new database features. But one thing annoys me: Label. We had a statictext class in REALbasic since the beginning. Now they changed over time class names (StaticText to Label, LittleArrows to Progresswheel, Socket to TCPSocket and others). This annoys me as I have to provide plugin examples which should run with all versions, but with current REAL Studio you see this warning dialog for deprecated stuff on every example project I have. Ouch. It would be a little change to the IDE to make Label the new class in use for Statictexts and leave the old ones in place. Also it's a little work to have the compiler accept name aliases for classes. This way you could use Socket or TCPSocket to reference the same class in code. This changes in names could be silent. Old projects use StaticTexts, new projects use Label and some use both names. No problem and less confusing to users.

PS: Seems like REAL Studio 2010r5 shows a lot of improvements on the Web Edition. Some more things work now on Internet Explorer and I hope they get everything working there this year. Would be good if we could start coding soon our web apps and demonstrate them to management people. And management in a lot of big companies has often Windows... The biggest plugin in space...
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