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Mac App Store announced

Today Apple announced a Mac App Store. A cool idea and I think no Mac developer wants to be outside. The service fee is quite high with 30%, so you'll certainly want to make additional sales outside their store. But this raises questions:
  • For example what does Apple define as a minimum level of an application?
  • What must I comply to? support as minimum?
  • Do they want a clause in the contract that their price is the best price available?
  • How would we handle updates? Especially as some apps come from the store and some not?
  • Can we query in our app the status whether we are installed by the store or do we have two binaries?
  • Does Apple test our apps and check quality?
  • Do they limit our possibilities?
  • Is maybe Carbon not allowed?
  • Is my application rated 18+ if I offer some browser window?
  • Can I use libraries/plugins? Do I need to provide license proofs or information on those libraries?
A lot of questions and we'll see how things will work out. Having a central store is a great idea and I hope I get my apps more visible to millions of users :-) The biggest plugin in space...
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