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REAL Software is hiring!

Geoff Perlman, Founder and CEO of REAL Software, Inc. today posted this job offer. If you are interested, email him at geoff@realsoftware. In contrast to job offers a few years ago, you don't need to move to Austin, Texas. You can work at home as long as you can join the daily conference calls and overlap enough with their schedule. So this job offer is not just for americans, but also for people from europe or africa.

We are looking for someone with excellent REAL Studio and web skills to join our web framework team. In this role you will be creating new web controls and classes as well as improving the IDE's web project support.

The ideal candidate has:

Excellent REAL Studio/REALbasic skills
Excellent knowledge of OOP
Thorough knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS
Created custom canvas-based controls

Additional skills you have that you should mention (assuming you have them) are experience with svn and experience with UI design.

You can work from home but we need you to be able to overlap with our schedule at least 50%.

If you're interested, please email Geoff directly.

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