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New MBS REALbasic Plugin Version 10.5

Today we release our new REALbasic plugins in version 10.5.

New in this plugin version are classes for Drag and Drop on Windows. We have an alternative class set so you can start drags and accept drops without REAL Studio's events. This way we can support drags with ghost images and custom cursors.

We added new ColorSync functions to better create a transformation. You can specify source, intermediate and destination profiles with option flags and intent values. Also we added those new ColorSync classes Apple added with Mac OS X 10.6. This may be the way to go in future Mac OS X versions.

Next we updated a few of the libraries we use in our plugins: DynaPDF, SQLAPI 3.7.33, JPEG Library and tidy library. If you use our SQL Plugin, you will have to change your code as we modified the way on how to find the library.

If you need to add accessibility support to your Mac OS X Carbon application with REAL Studio, we have now a few HIViewMBS methods to support this. So you add code to a window and find your controls and give them a description text.

This update is required if you want to use REAL Studio 2010r5 and newer as we changed a few things. Also if you want to use our plugins on a Windows IDE, we highly recommend to use this release. We split the MacOSX plugin into two parts as the Windows IDE of REAL Studio loves to crash with that plugin. The biggest plugin in space...
18 10 10 - 16:27