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Update on SOAP Kit

After we recently modified our SOAP Kit to work with SalesForce, we now optimized it to work with Apple's GSX Webservice.

This is good news as we have clients using it. If you are a service provider for Apple repairs and you have an account to Apple's Self-Servicing Account Program, you can now develop your own application for it in REAL Studio.

Our SOAP Kit takes Apple's web service description and writes over 200 REAL Studio classes for you to handle all the details. You can use this classes in REAL Studio like this:
  Sub Test()
dim partNumbers(-1) As GSXrestrictedUnitPartType
dim serialNumber(-1) As string
dim unitReceivedDate(-1) As string
dim usersession(-1) as GSXgsxUserSessionType
dim unitDetail(-1) As GSXunitDetailType

serialNumber.Append EditFieldSerialNumber.text
usersession.Append new GSXgsxUserSessionType(sessionID)
unitDetail.Append new GSXunitDetailType(partNumbers, serialNumber, unitReceivedDate)

dim r as new GSXwarrantyStatusRequestType(usersession, unitDetail)
dim w as GSXWarrantyStatusResponse = CallWarrantyStatus(sock, r)

if w<>nil then
dim it as GSXwarrantyDetailType = w.WarrantyStatusResponse.warrantyDetailInfo
MsgBox it.warrantyStatus
end if
End Sub
More on SOAP Kit
28 09 10 - 12:14