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Update on our REAL Studio Conference

We got already several registrations and we hope for a few more. So register soon to reserve your seat.

So far we have sessions with Stephane Pinel from REAL Software about the new Web Edition and the Cocoa target. Also Jens Boschulte of Dynaforms will demonstrate the DynaPDF engine which we use in our DynaPDF REALbasic Plugin. Also we'll have a few sessions with me about a few of our products.
We have a few more on our plan, but we are waiting for more confirmations for those presentations. One of the reasons the session list is not yet online.

Also if you visit the Photokina exposition in Colonge this week, you can visit the booth of Application Systems Heidelberg. Do not expect them to present REAL Studio there, but at least you can meet the persons in charge for REAL Studio in Germany. I'll be there on friday.

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22 09 10 - 00:50