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Tips for traveling to Koblenz for our REAL Studio conference

Some tips for you for traveling to our conference by train, airplane or car.

by train

You arrive on the Koblenz main station with your train. From the main station to Hotel Mercure is just one kilometer (less than a mile), so you can walk or take a taxi or the bus.

For the bus, you can find several bus lines going to the Rhein-Mosel-Halle, the station next to the hotel. The ticket you need is the level 1 ticket for 1.65 Euro. You can take buses of the lines: 10 to Arzheim, 9 to Immendorf, 8 to Sayn, 27 to Asterstein, 318 and 319 to Stromberg.

If you walk, we have two nice ways for you:

First the way to the Rhine: Out of the main entrance of the station, you are on a big place and you go straight forward along the street named Markenbildchenweg until you hit the Rhine. The street name changes to Januarius-Zick-Straße later. When you arrive on the Rhine, you turn left. You see a big bridge and walk towards it. Just before the bridge, you see on the left the Rhein-Mosel-Congress-Centrum and next to it the Mecure Hotel.

Second way is the hotel way. After you leave the main station, you turn left and go one of the streets. It doesn't matter if you take Bahnhofstraße, Löhrstraße, Emil-Schüller-Straße or the Hohenzollernstraße. All 4 hit the Rizzastraße after two blocks, where you turn right. The Rizzastraße has a couple of hotels, so if you have a room here, you can find your hotel. The Ibis and the Brenner hotel are on this street. On the end of Rizzastraße you will see the Rhein-Mosel-Congress-Centrum and next to it the Mecure Hotel, so you go straight forward to it using the Julius-Wegneler-Straße.

by airplane

You can choose from four airports around Koblenz.

First the Frankfurt/Main airport, the biggest airport in Germany. If you arrive there, leave the airport to the long distant train station (Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbahnhof). From there you can easily get fast ICE/IC/EC trains directly to Koblenz main station every 2 hours (over Mainz). Do not take slower RE/RB/S trains or connections over cologne as you can easily double your time in the trains. A typical train ticket costs 25 to 28 Euro one way.

Second you can get connections to Frankfurt/Hahn. Althrough this airport is 100 miles away from Frankfurt, it is closer to Koblenz. Several times a day, you can use the bus from airport to Koblenz main station. Tickets cost 14.30 Euro.

Third you can use airport Köln/Bonn. In this case you can change into the airport train station and take a RE train to Koblenz main station for 15.50 Euro. Or you take bus or tram to Bonn main station and the train from there.

Forth, if you have your own airplane, you can land on airport Koblenz-Winningen. Take a taxi from there.

by car

The main highway through Koblenz is the B9 on the left hand side of the Rhine. The B42 is on the other side and the B49 connects both. And along the B49 is the hotel. Now you should know that the B9 has a bridge over the Mosel, which is under construction, so expect heavy traffic there.

Here is a suggestion for avoiding high traffics by entering Koblenz from south. If you come from north or south to Koblenz over the A61, take the exit Koblenz/Waldesch south of Koblenz and go on the B327. Follow it towards Koblenz. Take the exit to Koblenz Centrum (that's before you go on the bridge over the Rhine). Take the next exit to Koblenz-Centrum (not on the B9!). Now turn right on the Mainzer Straße. Follow it for 2 kilometers until you turn right into Julius-Wegneler-Straße. But at this crossing you should see the Rhein-Mosel-Congress-Centrum and next to it the Mecure Hotel already on the right.

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