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Is REAL Server dead? I hope not!

Recently we started worrying in REAL Server. We at MBS have plugins available for it and some of our users depend on this server product for their products and services.

Now we released those plugin half a year ago. It's working well. Our plugin is rock solid, has no known bugs. But we only sold a few licenses. So we asked people what they think about our plugin and why they don't use it. I was faced with the answer that the plugin is excellent, but REAL Server is not. Seems like most people use some 2008 versions of REAL Server as they tend to be more stable. Now you need 2009 versions to use plugins. So unless those people get a rock solid 2009+ server, they won't upgrade. And without the upgrade they can't use the plugin!

The last version you can download on the REALsoftware website is the 2009r1.2 version. Over a year without an update! But actually this is the version we tested our plugins against. The latest beta is 2010r1 beta 5 from March 2010. It made some progress there with a lot of bug fixes.

In March 2010 I wrote a test suite for me to check how well REAL Server works. You find it in Feedback on ID 11754. Now this test app did not work 100% and found an error after a couple of minutes.

But what happened since March 2010? I think it was not much.

If you worry, too, please contact REAL Software and tell them! Used tags:
11 09 10 - 13:58