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REALbasic Developer Magazine 8.6 published

The September/October 2010 (8.6) issue of REALbasic Developer is now

Here's a quick preview of what's inside this issue:

Inside REAL Studio Web Edition * by Marc Zeedar
Get the inside scoop on the revolutionary new way to create powerful web
apps just as easily as desktop applications -- with this upcoming brand new
edition of REAL Studio!

Gofer It! * by Jens Bendig
If you need to obtain information from the user via several windows,
coordinating those windows can be a nightmare. For instance, what happens if
the user cancels the task in the middle? Fortunately, the Gofer cleverly
solves this problem!

REAL Studio Does Cocoa * by Marc Zeedar
The latest version of REAL Studio supports compiling for Cocoa. But what
does that mean? Should you try this beta feature? Marc explores this new

Trapping for Errors * by JC Cruz
Unsure how to handle those dreaded "Unhandled Exception" errors in your
programs? Confused by how REAL Studio deals with crashes? Don't worry: JC's
got the answers!

In our regular columns we've got articles on asynchronous programming,
succeeding with failure, ODBC, and much more. Enjoy! Used tags:
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