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REAL Studio Web Edition

Today REAL Software announced the REAL Studio Web Edition.

Watch the video:

I hope we can reuse our plugins on this edition. For example ChartDirector to offer nice charts. And our SQL Plugin to connect to database servers. Especially Microsoft and Firebird which are not supported directly by REAL Software. Creating PDF files on the fly with our DynaPDF plugin is also an interesting idea.

The resulting applications to run on your webserver are console applications in REAL Studio, so our plugins will work. Also they will use threads a lot, so it's worth to optimize a few functions for better thread behavior.

You can read more interesting stuff on Bob's blog:
bkeeneybriefs.com/2010/08/real-studio-web-edition-or-the-son-of-swordfish/ Used tags:
31 08 10 - 14:58