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Accessing Microsoft SQL Database from Mac/Linux

from wikipedia: FreeTDS is a free software programming library, a re-implementation of the Tabular Data Stream protocol. It can be used in place of Sybase's db-lib or ct-lib libraries. It also includes an ODBC library. It allows many open source applications such as Perl and PHP (or any C or C++ program) to connect to Sybase ASE or Microsoft SQL Server.

Now you can use our SQL Plugin with FreeTDS to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server. Be aware that you need the freetds library with the odbc support compiled in. You can install this on Mac using ports like this: sudo port -d install freeTDS +mssql +odbc
sudo port install unixODBC
cd /opt/local/etc
sudo nano tds.driver.template

Description = v0.64 with protocol v8.0
Driver = /opt/local/lib/libtdsodbc.so

sudo odbcinst -i -d -f tds.driver.template
sudo nano tds.datasource.template

Driver = FreeTDS
Description = My Database
Trace = No
Server =
Port = 1433
Database = MyDatabase

odbcinst -i -s -f tds.datasource.template
isql -v Winline_DB sa pass

in REAL Studio you use our SQLConnectionMBS class:

dim con as new SQLConnectionMBS
dim f as FolderItem
if TargetMachO then
SQLGlobalsMBS.SetODBCLibrary GetFolderitem("/opt/local/lib/libtdsodbc.so")
end if

// connect to database

MsgBox "We are connected!"

Now you just need to enter the right values in the textfields for server, user and password and connect. The server name is "Winline_DB" with the code above. The biggest plugin in space... Used tags:
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