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Phone Trouble

Last year I was in the USA and I bought a mobile phone. So I had a phone and people inside the USA could call me cheaper than over my German mobile phone.
Now I put this number on a few places and people called it. But I did not use this phone for the last 10 months. It seems like my phone number was transferred to another person who got a lot of support calls.
Seems like the prepaid mobile phone account was cancelled or disabled. Not sure.

So please do not call this number: +1 720 224 xxx.
If you have a support question, you better call us in the office: +49 2632 958955 or even better send an email. We can answer emails when traveling. And if we want to receive mobile phone calls, we can route the office number on the mobile phone. Used tags:
27 08 10 - 21:22