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New MBS REALbasic Plugin Version 10.4

Today we release our new REALbasic plugins in version 10.4. This new release is one of the biggest ever with 1550 new items. So you find a lot of new classes there:
  • the MacUSBDeviceMBS class to enumerate usb devices on Mac OS X
  • the XLS* classes to read excel files
  • the WindowsClipboardMBS class to read the clipboard on Windows
  • the NSPasteboardMBS class to read the clipboard on Mac OS X
  • the WindowsDeviceMBS class to enumerate devices on Windows
  • QTPrerollMBS class to preload quicktime movies.
  • the ComplexDoubleMBS and ComplexSingleMBS class to calculate with complex numbers.
  • New notification classes and methods to send notifications within your application.
and a lot of more. Check the release notes below. Used tags:
24 08 10 - 17:27