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I love to leave my city and fly around the world to visit conferences. People are asking me from time to time whether I am on a conference. Like the WWDC from Apple or the Filemaker Devcon. For REAL Studio is no conference this year.
This year was special. We expected a baby so while I thought about going to WWDC, I preferred to stay home for being there on the birthday of our son. Also I did not plan for Filemaker Devcon. Having a baby needs time and now it's probably too late to get tickets/flight.
And as an european visitor, I have to plan things long in advance to get good rates and keep cost low. A typical conference visit in the US costs ten times as the same trip in Europe due the flights and the longer stay.
So I hope for next year to visit a lot of customers on those conferences, talk about our plugins and having a good time. :-)
06 08 10 - 00:26