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Check the WIA Plugin part today

Ever wondered how to import a photo from a digital camera into your REAL Studio application on Windows?

Well, with our plugins version 10.3 we are adding new WIA classes for the Windows Image Acquisition interface. So you can import images from digital cameras, scanners and webcams. One thing you need to know is that there are two versions of WIA. Version 1.x was introduced in Windows 2000 and is still supported in Windows 7. Version 2.x was created for Windows Vista and newer. Now both interfaces exists on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and you get different devices using both interfaces. So we have two classes: WIADeviceManager1MBS and WIADeviceManager2MBS. You should initialize both. WIADeviceManager2MBS will fail if the Windows version is XP or older, but you should list devices from both in your application.

Here a screenshot of the dialog to choose a device. The dialog is in German as I used a German Vista copy for the screenshot:

If you list WIA 1.x and 2.x devices in a Window with properties like in our example project, it looks like this:

And if you browse the items on the device, you can see all the pictures listed and transfer them to your application:
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