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Runtime Revolution?

Every year someone asks for Runtime Revolution. Of course, if a company would call and say "We order the function x for Runtime Revolution", I would start and write them that function. But in general is there an interest into plugins for Runtime Revolution?

The plugin API for Runtime Revolution has this features. You can
  • declare custom commands and functions
  • send messages to current card
  • evaluate expressions
  • get and set global variables
  • get and set local variables which includes access to key/value dictionary and arrays
  • get and set fields by name, index or id.
  • redraw images by name, index or id.
This means you can not:
  • declare classes, modules or controls
  • pass arrays or dictionaries as function parameters
  • access image objects directly
This limits possible plugins to basicly have only global functions. Functions that take an array would take the name of the local array variable and lookup the array values using that name.
So is there someone who has interest? And especially companies who want to order custom plugins? Claris FileMaker Plugin
14 05 10 - 11:55