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EmailMessage trouble

Today I sent my email newsletter to my customers. I use a self written application for it which uses the EmailMessage class. Now there is a problem: If you use text from an editfield/textarea control and pass it to the EmailMessage as BodyPlainText, it will use on my Mac the Mac line endings. That is no problem if you use Apple Mail, but if you use Windows Outlook Express 6 or Windows Eudora Version 7 or something else, it can happen that you see the whole text without line endings. All the text in one big paragraph. The solution in REALbasic is easy: BodyPlainText = ReplaceLineEndings(BodyPlainText, EndOfLine.windows). Simply convert line endings to the Windows format and you are done.

If you got my newsletter and can't read it well for any reason, please email back and we send you a PDF file with the content. Claris FileMaker Plugin
06 05 10 - 22:02