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New REALbasic Developer issue next week

Next Monday (tomorrow), Marc Zeedar will publish a new issue of the REALbasic Developer Magazine.
From my view it is good to have a magazine in the REALbasic world and I like the magazine. It's much more up to date than any of the books. The magazine is currently distributed as PDF files, but you can order the yearly books or get the CD with search options.
I recommend you to buy the available books as well as a subscription to the magazine if you want to learn REALbasic. Also check the back issues.

And for my blog readers we have a little gift: 3 six months subscriptions for free.
If you want one, send us an email, a text message, post a comment or use the feedback form to inform us with your email address. We will select three people randomly on sunday night.

Update: Sunday ended and we got our winners. Thank you. Claris FileMaker Plugin
02 05 10 - 01:23