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A visit on castle Pyrmont

One reason you may have to come in our area for a visit are the nice romantic castles here. Along the rivers Rhine and Moselle and their brooks, you find hundreds of castles. Some are destroyed, some still look like before in the Middle Ages.
This sunday we visited castle Pyrmont, a nice castle in a valley just a few miles form us away (20 miles). Built in the 12th century, destroyed a few times and rebuilt around 1965. Here are few impressions:

The castle tower with the main building and a view on the castle courtyard.

A view down to the valley with a little river and a water mill, today a restaurant. Another view down the courtyard with two smaller towers in the walls and in the background buildings of front parts of the castle.

The main building. And the hall of knights.

In the various rooms you find a lot of weapons and knight's armor. Before we left, we made another picture of the garden in the castle.

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