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Some REAL Software Forum Statistics

Today we had the question here: How much users are on the REALbasic forums?

The forum has currently 5602 users as you can see on the member page.

But the question actually is how many active users do we have?

For example there are 443 users or 8% who are registered, but never made a posting.
From all users, only 5179 have a last visited date. That number should be 5602, but I expect that a privacy setting is in use to hide their status. But from this last visit dates you can see that 1073 users or 20% did only visit the forum on one single day and never returned. Another 1108 users or 21% did not spend more than two weeks on the forum.

Now to the good news: 470 users did visit the forum within the last month. And 1775 users within the last year.

Also you can sort the members by posting count. I personally made it on position 18, but well, there are 17 users who are much more active than I am.

REALbasic has a magnitude more users than we see on the forum. So the final question is: How can we reach the other users? Ideas are welcome.
15 04 10 - 23:13