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MBS REALbasic plug-ins version 10.0

Today we release our plugins for REALbasic in version 10.0. Take some time and check the new functions. The WindowsScriptMBS class which allows you to run Windows Scripts in VBScript or JavaScript. Also the JSONMBS class which is useful if you nee to handle Javascript Object Notation strings. Third the UniversalCharacterDetectionMBS class may be useful to detect text encodings of unknown data. On Mac OS X the NSTimerMBS class can give you a more precise timer than the built in timers. And it fires while the user is clicking which the RB timer does not.

Also useful may be the other additions which we can't really list here. The SpotLightTextContentMBS function gives you the text content of a file using the Spotlight importers. And MacGlobalIdleTimeMBS gives you the global idle time which the screen savers use to get started.

Enjoy the new version: Download Release notes
19 01 10 - 11:58