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REAL Server Plugin 0.2

Today I added CRC32MBS and MD5MBS functions so you can get the checksum of a blob on your server. Also the REALbasic plugins get a new MD5StringMBS function, so you can calculate files MD5 locally and on the server if you need to compare files without copying them to the other side:

CRC32MBS(data as blob) as integer
Returns CRC of data in the blob. The return value is a 32 bit unsigned integer which is stored in a 64 bit integer.

MD5MBS(data as blob) as string
Returns MD5 checksum of data in the blob. The return string is a 32 character long hex string.

Download here: monkeybreadsoftware.de/realserver/ The biggest plugin in space...
11 01 10 - 17:45