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Windows Scripts in REALbasic

For years we have a class to run AppleScripts in REALbasic. Now we also have a class to run Windows Scripts:

dim w as new WindowsScriptMBS

// First try VBScript
w.Language = "VBScript"

dim lines(-1) as string

lines.append "Function Test(a,b)"
lines.append "Test = a+b"
lines.append "End Function"

w.AddCode Join(lines, EndOfLine.Windows)

dim p(-1) as string = array("Hello ", "World from VBScript")
dim x as string = w.Run("Test", p)

MsgBox x

// Second try JScript
w.Language = "JScript"

redim lines(-1)
lines.append "function Test(a,b)"
lines.Append "{"
lines.append "return a+b;"
lines.append "}"

w.AddCode Join(lines, EndOfLine.Windows)

p = array("Hello ", "World from JavaScript")
x = w.Run("Test", p)

MsgBox x

Exception e as WindowsScriptErrorExceptionMBS
MsgBox "Exception: "+e.message

So you can run them with JScript (JavaScript) or VBScript (Visual Basic Script).
05 01 10 - 13:31