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MonkeyBread Software Releases the MBS REALbasic plug-ins 9.2

NICKENICH, Germany (March 16th, 2009) -- Monkeybread Software releases version 9.2 of the MBS plug-in for REALbasic. The MBS plug-in comprises a collection of several plug-in parts which extend the REALbasic development environment with 1500 classes featuring over 29000 documented functions.

The plug-ins require REALbasic 5.5 or newer. Also required are 300 MB hard disc space and around 64 MB of RAM in addition to the requirements of REALbasic and your operation system itself. While all plug-in parts compile on Mac OS 8.x, Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS X (universal), Linux and Windows, each function may depend on additional system requirements to work successfully.

Plugin licenses are available for components or for the complete collection. Starting at 20 Euro (+VAT) for one component. The complete package costs 196 Euro (+VAT) for commercial usage.

If you buy a current license, you will get free updates for one year. After that year, you can update your license to cover an additional year.

The plugins can be downloaded on MBS' website as one big package or several smaller ones:

The online documentation can be found here:

A few of the new items in version 9.2:

* Updated to ChartDirector 5.0 which adds contour layers, finance charts, surface charts, color axes, legend tables, pyramid charts and layers.
* Updated DynaPDF to version
* Rewrote the DVDPlayback plugin part. You need to update your code as some method names changed.
* Added DragActions to the DragItemMBS class.
* Added more methods to the CPMPrinterMBS class.
* Improved Picture.ScalingMBS. Now 25% faster.
* Improved PictureMBS.Scale speed on memory mapped files.
* Added new constructor to iconMBS class to find icons based on file extension and mime type.
* Changed the phidget methods to check and raise exceptions if the library was not loaded or a device handle not created. In older plugins those methods failed silently.
* Added a PhidgetMissingFunctionExceptionMBS class.
* Added a PhidgetNotInitialzedExceptionMBS class.
* Added CDBaseChartMBS.SetFontSearchPath method.
* Added NSWorkspaceMBS.performFileOperation.
* Added PictureMBS.DataStringInFormat.
* Added PictureMBS.RowStringInFormat.
* Added MacFileOperationMBS and MacFileOperationStatusMBS classes for asyncron file copies on Mac OS X.
* Added OverlayMBS.AutoCaptureMouse for better mouse tracking on Windows.
* Added DiffuseFilter, NeonFilter, OilFilter and EngraveFilter to PictureMBS class.
* Added more events to CarbonSystemEventsMBS class: DisplaysAwake, DisplayReconfigured and DisplaysAsleep.
* Added NavigationDialogMBS.CloseDialog.
* Added file copy/move methods on Mac OS X from the system: MacMoveObjectToTrashMBS, MacCopyObjectMBS and MacMoveObjectMBS.
* Added options to have DynaPDF raise error exceptions.
* Added PHPMBS.LoadDLL.
* Added more NSTableViewMBS methods and events.
* Added iWeb to the Scripting classes.
* Added ReadPreviewRGB and ReadPreviewBW to TiffPictureMBS class.
* Made changes for better support of Data Execution Prevention on Windows in the DynaPDF, ChartDirector, Eyeone, KRM, PDFLib, ChartDirector and SoftDeclare plugins.

And a lot of small changes&fixes requested by our users.

Read the complete release notes here:

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