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A solution to have self containing exe files with RB 2008r2


from the ReadMe of my newest application:

This is an alpha version!

REALbasic 2008r2 creates Windows applications as folder with a Lib subfolder.

This application creates applications with one exe file which self extract on start.

- one executable for easy deployment
- passes throughs file pathes dropped on application
- deletes temporary files
- includes whatever data files you drop in the application folder

Your application must be:
- able to run from anywhere
- not write files to the application folder
(use application support folder)

Still to do:
- make the apps smaller (compression?)
- add some checksum to check integrity

Drop the application folder on this application to bundle them.
Works on Mac and Windows.

Written 2008 by Christian Schmitz

Please try it if you like:

http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/realbasic/plugin/ The biggest plugin in space...
10 05 08 - 16:11