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Claris Engage Keynote Bingo

Looking forward to the Claris Engage conference in Austin, Texas we got the idea to make a bingo game for things mentioned in the keynote.

Get your own random bingo card here: monkeybreadsoftware.com/filemaker/bingo/

Here is a sample one:

ClarisAppleCloudNew File FormatFileMaker Go
FileMaker PlatformAndroidFileMaker ServerLarge Language ModellFreemium
Claris ConnectFileMakerClaris PlatformDynamic Record HeightFileMaker Pro
FileMaker iOS SDKNew LicensesNew Script StepsWeb DirectContinuous Layout Zoom
LinuxNew Layout ControlsNew Get() functionClaris StudioResponsive Design

Every few minutes we have a different bingo card on this website, picking 25 from a longer list of words. Feel free to print one or save as PDF and then cross out the words you hear in the keynote.

Let's see who gets 5 in a row/column/across.

Claris FileMaker Plugin
31 01 24 - 12:23