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Check out the Snippets database example

Did you know, that we have an example with snippets for writing scripts and makes them available in Script Workspace to insert via a hotkey?

Please check the Snippets for Windows.fmp12 file. Beside it being for Windows, it can also work on MacOS if needed. So you may use it and then call the "Install Picker Dialog" script in your solution to install it, if you sign-in as developer.

The database stores the snippets. If you click the export button, it writes the snippets to a folder. Then later when you hit the hotkey, we show a dialog and list all the snippets in that folder for you to pick one. Once picked, we insert the lines to your current script.

For example you open the Script Workspace and press Control-F7 in the example to show the dialog and pick one:

Once you click Select, you see the lines added to the current script:

You may find a few example snippets in our example database and make your own ones, too. The hotkey can be changed and can be adjusted to whatever key combination is more convenient for you.

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16 11 23 - 11:29