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MBS Xojo Plugins, version 23.4pr6

New in this prerelease of the 23.4 plugins:
  • Improved FindField in DynaPDFMBS class to better find a field in a group.
  • Added OpenPath method to SerialPortMBS class.
  • Fixed a bug in setting SQLNumericMBS values with floating numbers, caused by a bug fix in version 23.3. Values showed up as zero incorrectly.
  • Fixed HighlightOnAllPages method in DynaPDFMBS class to pass color correctly.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Added kif2SkipDPartData flag for DynaPDFMBS class.
  • Added DeleteDPartNode method to DynaPDFMBS class.
Download: monkeybreadsoftware.de/xojo/download/plugin/Prerelease/ or from DropBox.
Or ask us to be added to our shared DropBox folder.
01 09 23 - 11:54