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Claris Pro merged into FileMaker Pro

As Claris announced, they will merge the Claris Pro/Server product line into the FileMaker Pro/Server product line. The existing customers will get a new version to convert their files into .fmp12 format and convert to a FileMaker Pro/Server. That change will of course require a new version of FileMaker Pro/Server, which can talk to Claris Studio.

For our MBS Plugin, we look currently for customers, who use Claris Pro/Server and need MBS plugin there. Our plugin has dozens of places, where it checks the current version for whether it is Claris or FileMaker branch to decide what to do. For example file paths on servers are different.

Today we deprecate our support for Claris Pro/Server with MBS Plugin for the upcoming 13.4 version. We keep it working for a few more months, but may remove the Claris Pro/Server support in a future version.

Any customer using the Claris branch may please contact us, so we can keep a list of who uses it and keep our plugin working for our clients until the last one transitioned to FileMaker.

Please let us know if you have questions.
31 08 23 - 20:39